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Hi, we're Nimble Elephant.

We're a health technology company on a mission to create confidence and wellness in everyday people who provide care to their loved ones at home.

Technology for the Caregiving Journey

Every caregiving journey is different, but it's never easy.

Our software helps everyday people - who are not formally trained as caregivers, and usually living with or near their loved one - succeed in their caregiving journey.

1 in 4

Canadians aged 15+ who have provided care at home.

$ 25 BN

Annual out-of-pocket value provided by family caregivers.

2.2 Mil

Estimated lost hours of workplace productivity each year.

Business Software for Social Good

We work with companies who support caregivers in their community.

Our software supports any disease pathway, with any outlook, in any location.

We Help



Deliver best-in-class benefits.
Improve workplace productivity.
Reduce unplanned absences.

We Help

Social Workers


Manage large case loads.
Improve client navigation.
Centralize your care management.

We Help

Care Networks


Reduce operating costs.
Enhance customer service.
Maintain resource and service libraries.

We Help

Health Providers


Communicate complex care pathways.
Connect families to relevant resources.
Reduce burnout and readmission events.

Tools for Care Navigation

Our software options provide tools to caregivers, the people in their care circle, healthcare system navigators and employee benefit providers.

Packages are customized for business organizations based on need, application, and budget.

icon See changes in disease symptoms over time.
icon Track caregiver wellness and improve resiliency.
icon Access curated resources for your condition & location.
icon Screen and select local and relevant service providers.
icon Share information between loved ones in the care circle.
icon Understand the disease pathway.
icon Discover task priorities and key activities.
icon Boost mental wellness of caregiver and patient.
icon Access help from real people and trained navigators.
icon Share stories and support with peer caregivers.
icon Predict likely outcomes as symptoms change.
icon Reduce stress and improve quality of life.

What is "Care Navigation"?

It provides the knowlege and tools to effectively move through caregiving challenges.

It's about using the available services, resources, healthcare appointments, and teamwork needed when caring for a loved one.

We're on a mission to boost confidence and wellness in everyday people caring for loved ones.

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Our Solution?

Meet Tusk: The Care Navigation Tool. It's a platform for individuals, businesses, and professionals to improve the caregiving journey.

Look for this logo to see when our partners use Tusk to power their businesses.

Tusk: The Care Navigation Tool